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Know the Causes of Pancreatic Cancer and Risk Factors

Pancreatic cancer occurs when cells in the pancreas grow uncontrollably, thus forming malignancy. The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is still unknown, but there are several factors that can increase a person's risk of developing this cancer. To find out what these factors are, consider the following explanation. Pancreatic cancer is a condition in which there is a malignant tumor in the pancreas, which is an organ located near the stomach. The pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes that the body needs to digest and absorb carbohydrates, protein, and fat found in food. In addition to enzymes, the pancreas also produces two important hormones for the body, namely insulin and glucagon. Pancreatic cancer in its early stages generally has no typical symptoms, or even no symptoms. Pancreatic cancer usually only shows symptoms when the condition is classified as severe. These symptoms include: Decreased or loss of appetite. Weight loss even if you are not on a special diet
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Bariatric Operations, Types, Benefits, and Risks

Bariatric surgery is surgery that is done to help you lose weight. This procedure is usually performed on obese people who are difficult to overcome only with diet and exercise. Obesity or being overweight is a serious health problem that can increase the risk of dangerous diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. In obese sufferers who are threatened with health problems and have not managed to lose weight after trying routine exercise, dieting, or taking drugs, doctors may recommend bariatric surgery. This operation aims to limit the amount of food that can be stored by the stomach or reduce the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Types of Bariatric Operations There are several types of bariatric operations that are commonly performed, namely: 1. Gastric bypass In this procedure, the surgeon will separate the stomach into two parts, namely the upper part which is smaller and the lower part which is bigger. The small intestine will also be cut into shorter piece

Creative Mothers Create Smart Baby Games

Playing is the main way for babies to learn. Baby games allow your little one to be able to socialize, communicate, and understand the world around him. No need to buy expensive toys, it turns out you can create your own baby games to help their growth and development, you know. Recognize the signs the baby is starting to want to play. Among them is if he has shown the ability to smile, try to reach someone around him, and looks enthusiastic about caring for others. No need to worry if there are no special funds to buy toys, because interesting tricks and baby games can be created easily without cost. The abilities of babies differ in various stages of age. You can adjust the game according to the baby's age, so that it can stimulate it more optimally. Baby Games 0 - 3 Months As a parent, you are the first learning tool for newborns. Babies learn by listening to sounds and looking at your facial expressions. Newborns can recognize and respond to sounds by looking in the direc